Our Values

  1. Human respect

    Our social sustainability is constituted by our contributions to the society – satisfaction of our employees with a strong attention for their health and safety! We meet our employees’ expectations and invest in multicultural intelligence – open-minded communication – mutual respect.

  2. Collectivity

    Our branches are a cohesive group working in a global network system dominated by team spirit. Problems are solved together and successes are shared.

  3. Customer satisfaction

    Long term partnerships prevail in our relationships with customers – suppliers and partners. We perceive and surpass current and future expectations of our customers in accordance with a “win-win” philosophy.

  4. Environmental Sustainability

    We bear responsibility for ecological solutions and have a high attention for SSHEQ (safety – security – health – environment – quality). We continuously monitor our environmental impact in terms of energy efficiency – reduction of carbon footprint and waste management.